Sunglasses to wear whatever your style, beautiful and vintage. A wonderful present for any woman
Stock Includes:
 1950s' Cateye spectacle frames,
as well as an amazing selection of 'previously loved'
vintage  frames with designs  that are pure vintage glamour.
This limited stock of exceptional quality frames that can be adapted for prescription and non prescription glasses / sunglasses.
My fascination with specs......
   Began when I was younger I was the only  one that wore glasses! ....   I sought out the the more original styles, and loved the fact that it took a certain person to wear glasses with confidence................        
Gradually wearing specs  became 'trendy' and now you only have to pop into the local supermarket  and everyone  will be wearing
their 'designer' frames. Even my nan!!  
That made me determined to find a frame that was different from the rest. By chance I went to a boot sale and saw a guy  wearing the most beautiful tortoiseshell framed glasses.
 I approached him and I discovered  he had handmade the frames himself !!     He told me that he had other styles  that I might like.
He originally had a shop in Covent Garden and had just sold up and was moving abroad.   We exchanged email addresses and  he was able to email me pics of his stock amongst which were 'Deadstock' from the late  1950s.. and to cut a long story short...so began my love affair with vintage frames....I now source from all over the world, unusual designs to suit all tastes. I have them lovingly re-glazed with the highest quality UV lens and provide a bespoke prescription service. I love them and  know you will too!!
                                                        Lolli   Freeman
            *Deadstock: brand new and unworn discontinued stock.
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